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S.O.U.L. Empowerment Course | Connect Universe Connect Universe | Be The Shift

S.O.U.L. Empowerment Course


      The S.O.U.L. Empowerment System is a personal development program aimed at helping learners enhance daily living through science-backed, simple lessons and exercises. The system is designed to help individuals discover how to more deeply Connect with Self, Others, the Universe and Love, and fully step into their personal purpose. We believe individuals are loving, successful, peaceful, worthy, and will benefit from a system that helps them remember, believe, and reinforce this truth. We invite the individuals to embrace the S.O.U.L. Empowerment System to amplify purpose, passion, and loving impact in the world. Join this program to reveal and become the person who knows anything is possible, who feels deep peace, joy, and love.

      Topics for this course

      3 Lessons


      The first level of the S.O.U.L. Empowerment System focuses on strengthening the foundation, Your CONNECTION with SELF. In this section, We help the learner look within, see yourself clearly and objectively through lessons, reflection, and integration exercises to practice with in Your day to day life. We begin the course at this level by asking the learner to focus on remembering three fundamental truths of SELF: You are Worthy, Happiness is Your natural state, and You are Capable of doing anyting and everything You set Your mind to. In this section, We will shine a light on the parts of your internal world that might otherwise get buried down, pushed aside, or go unnoticed in the exhaustion We often encounter with the stresses of life, work, personal commitments, & more. Awareness of these aspects of SELF is the first step to growth, expansion, contribution, fulfillment, and joy.
      Lesson 1 – I AM WORTHY7:27
      Lesson 2 – I AM HAPPY6:31
      Lesson 3 – I AM CAPABLE6:35

      About the instructor

      The S.O.U.L. Empowerment System is taught by a diverse wisdom community of world-class teachers and trainers from the Connect Universe Global Faculty. Teachers offer a video based, online micro learning system for learners with simple lessons and exercises.
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