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Connect Universe is a global empowerment movement that aims to inspire a more connected and conscious world for over one billion people. We believe old stories and beliefs of separation are keeping us from fulfilling our highest potential and life’s purpose. We aim to introduce new stories of connection, hope, and possibility. We do this through unity events, self-empowerment programs, and storytelling. We aim to Inspire the Shift from isolation to belonging, from COVID to connection, from fear to empowerment.


Sam’s Beard life has been a dedication to service. For over 50 years Sam has initiated projects that have substantially changed the lives of tens of millions of people. Working directly with 8 presidential administrations, Sam has been a founding member of the National Development Council, the co-founder of the Jefferson Awards, the President’s Volunteer Service Awards and now Connect Universe. After realizing that one’s state of consciousness, especially influenced by formative years of 0 to 5, determines whether we develop the capacity to love and serve our fellow man, his life has been devoted to raising consciousness and reaching the goal of 1 Billion people positively impacted by his programs. Connect Universe is a culmination of his life work, to create the conditions for many organizations with a shared vision to connect, collaborate and serve something greater than their own mission.

“Many people guide the present: the exceptional create the future. With his energy and enthusiasm, Sam is exceptional.”

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Nobel Laureate

50+ years of Public Service & Social Impact

Initiated Programs for 8 US Presidents

Minority-owned Business Pioneer

Co-founder, Jefferson Awards

Special Assistant to Robert F. Kennedy

Founder, President’s Youth Service Awards

Created +10 Million Jobs

Raised over $1B for youth-led Impact

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